LOC 3mins walk to Juyeop stn, ILSAN ; Afternoon shift; Normal teaching job


Number of Positions Available:  1

Start Date: July of 2018(arrived in the middle of June on training date: paid)

Working Hours: 1pm~8.30pm

Days: Monday-Friday

Student Level: kinde Elementary school

Number of classes a day: 7 (less than that on T/TH)

Number of foreign teachers: 7(10 korean teachers+6 staffs)

Teaching hours/week: 30 hours

Class length: 55mins

Contract: Monthly Salary (2,100,000~2,300,000 KRW)

Flight Reimbursement: Yes

Housing: Paid by the company 5 minute walk to work)

Health Insurance: Yes (50% Employee/50% Company)

Pension: Yes (50% Employee/50% Company)

Severance: Yes (One-month salary)

Paid Vacation: 8~10 days

in the class

in the class