Teaching one on one classes as full time job offer in Guro available in July



[Job Overall]

-Job Type: Full time

-School Type: Private Academy

-Location: Guro-gu, Seoul

-Start Date: In the beginning of July, 2018

-Training Dates: End of June

[Work Condition]

- Monthly salary: A base salary for 2.3mil plus a few more bonus pays

-Class Size: One on one

-Working Hours: 1pm-10pm

-Saturday supervision : bi weekly (arises the bonus pay)

-Number of classes per day: depends on each day

Class length: 25mins to about  an hour depending on each student's ability

-Age Group: Adult

-Number of Foreign Teachers: 5

-Flight Reimbursement: Yes 

-Housing: 400 paid by the company (100 paid by teacher; Housing allowance for 400)

-Health Insurance: Yes (50% Employee/50% Company)

-Pension: Yes (50% Employee/50% Company)

-Severance: Yes (One-month salary)

-Unpaid  Vacation: 10

-Unpaid sick leave: 10 days