An English program run by Incheon metropolitan council

Ref. code :IN5873F

Number of Positions Available :1

Start Date :In the first week of August

Training date :3 days onward

Days :Monday ~ Friday

Working hours :11 am ~ 8 pm(Mon~Thu), Fri 10 am ~ 8:10 pm

Class length :50 mins

Number of teaching classes per day :

Student level :Elem, Adult

Number of Students(max) :14

Number of Foreign teachers :13

Contract :Monthly salary(2000000 ~ KRW)

Flight reimbursement :Round trip

Housing :Paid by company

Distance from housing :5 min walk to school

Health insurance :Yes(50% Employee:50% company)

Pension:Yes(50% Employee:50% company)

Severance:Yes(one month salary)

Paid vacation :13 days+National Holidays

*Housing type: shared kitchen with private bathroom and fully furnished; separate entrance to outside
*All utility bill is supported by the company; charged nothing to teachers
*The unit is located in the camp
*They may have kindy or middle/high school students in their campus on occasion but declared nearly 80% of their students are elementary students