Gwanak branch of Seoul metropolitan council funded English program

Ref. code : SE5801F

Start Date : January 21, 2019

Days :Monday ~ Friday

Working hours : 9 am ~ 6 pm

Student level : Kinder,Elem

Number of Foreign teachers : 8

Contract : Monthly salary(2100000 ~ 2200000 KRW)

Flight reimbursement : One way

Housing : Paid by company

Health insurance : Yes(50% Employee:50% company)

Pension: Yes(50% Employee:50% company)

Severance: Yes(one month salary)

Paid vacation : 10 days+National Holidays

*Weekend event may happen on a monthly basis

*One room studio for housing provided(company supports 50% of utility bill; assuming the expense being a 100 usd like generally occurs; approx. 50 usd charged to teachers in general.

*Able to move in to the apartment 1 or 2 weeks ahead of the start date, until the former teacher leaves the apartment. Will stay at their guest house for 1 or 2 weeks.

*Lunch provided

*When registering ARC, the required heath check expense will be offered by the company(80 USD) while immigration fee will be allocated to the applicant(33 USD)

*100 USD will be deducted within the first 5 months in order to deposit; ensure if any of furnitures, electronics and etc. they provided wouldn't be damaged; All would be repaid teachers at the end of the contract."