A franchise location which deals with elem, middle in Daegu city

Ref. code :DG5842F

Number of Positions Available :3

Start Date :August 20, 2018

Days :Monday ~ Friday

Working hours :1pm~9pm

Class length :50 mins

Number of teaching classes per day :

Student level :Elem, Middle

Number of Students(max) :12

Number of Foreign teachers :5

Contract :Monthly salary(2200000 ~ 2500000 KRW)

Flight reimbursement :Up to 1m

Housing :Paid by company

Distance from housing :close

Health insurance :Yes(50% Employee:50% company)

Pension:Yes(50% Employee:50% company)

Severance:Yes(one month salary)

Paid vacation :10 days+National Holidays

'*flexible start date(can be delayed until 1 ahead)'