Seoul Immigration Office

Seoul Immigration Office

Anyone who teaches English in Korea needs an E2 visa to legally do so. At first the road to obtaining it
can seem long and sometimes confusing, but in reality it's quite simple as long as you meet a few key

1) Be a native of a country that uses English as a first language, out of  which are following countries Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States
2) Hold a Bachelor's degree.
3) Have a clean background.
If you meet these three requirements, chances are you can teach English in Korea.
If you're interested in teaching English in Korea and meet the basic requirements, then there are two main
avenues that you can pursue next.
1(recommended)- Gather all necessary documents in your home country prior to applying for jobs.

2- Apply for a position first and then once conditionally accepted gather your documents and process the visa.
The reason why the first way is usually the better choice is because it'll give you more power, flexibility, and credibility. If you have all of the documents ready when applying, you'll be able to start work at virtually anytime and prove to employers that you're not only motivated in your job choice, but also give them more confidence in choosing you over somebody who isn't yet prepared. The second route is viable as well, but be advised that it can take longer than expected to attain certain documents such as the background check.

Whatever you choose, one of the most important steps in making the leap to becoming a teacher is
attaining all necessary visa documents as outlined below.

1) Notarized and apostilled copy of your degree
2) Notarized and apostilled FBI background check
3) Photocopy of your passport
4) Copy of your resume
5) 5 passport size photos